Case Studies

Faulty Meter – Case Study

We had one of our multisite customer receive an email from their supplier to confirm that they were unable to bill using the information they had from the previous contract on one of their sites.

I know that this customer has over 6 different companies and they have no time to be messing around calling the supplier and giving them readings. I contacted the site and spoke to one of the contacts that work there, I requested an updated meter reading which they confirmed was the same as the reading we had originally given to the supplier, they also confirmed that this meter had a fault light on it. I passed this information to the supplier and they advised me that they would need to get an engineer out to the customer to ensure the meter is replaced.

Knowing that this company needs to be open and power needs to be on as it is a cafe I had to ensure that the engineer would be there after they closed as they were only able to shut up shop a little early. I arranged the appointment for the most convenient date, ensured the engineer that the supplier was sending out had the customers telephone number so they could communicate and ensure he got there at the correct time.

I followed up the day after the appointment and confirmed with the customer everything went well, they proceeded to thank me for going above and beyond and ensuring that they did ot have to do anything but make sure they were there at the time of the appointment. The customer is now being billed properly and the issues resolved.

Estimated Billing – Case Study

One of our largest customers were being hit with quarterly bills that seemed to be extortionate against their usage and rates they were on. On behalf of the customer we contacted their supplier with a reading taken from the customer and they amended this and credited the account the over billed amount.

From this I then confirmed to the customer that in order for this not to continue I would make sure if they needed me to I would contact them quarterly and take reading from each of the sites. The customer was very pleased with this resolve and are now getting accurate bills every quarter without fail, this has not only saved them money, but ensured that they don’t have to make the tedious phone calls every month to the different suppliers.

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