Could Future Energy Supplies Come From Space

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While the idea of beaming energy from up amongst the stars down to earth to power our businesses and homes may sound like pure science fiction the truth appears to be that the technology to do just this is not far from being completed.

Futuristic Energy Sources Not So Far Off

Engineers at EADS Astrium have announced that in as few as five years they could have a working prototype of a satellite ready to launch which could collect solar energy from space to be transported to earth to power homes and potentially businesses too. There have been talks of this type of energy solution for three decades or more however it has only been in recent times that technological advances have resulted in engineers having what they need to actually put the theories into practice.

Collecting Solar Power 24/7

The prototype that looks set to be launched into space within the next five years will hopefully be the first piece of space equipment to harness solar energy via the sun and will, in basic terms beam it down to earth for use on the grid. If it works this could revolutionise the way that the world receives its energy, with space collected solar energy being accessible constantly as supposed to dipping during bad weather, colder seasons and similar in the same way the wind production is also limited.

Prototype Specifications

The smaller prototype currently being planned should if calculations are correct be capable of sending as much as between 10kW and 20KW of solar energy. Bearing in mind that this prototype will be considerably smaller than the full sized versions which will be manufactured should the initial trial work the capability of a fleet of these energy satellites could produce significant amounts of renewable energy.

The Future

A fleet of space-bound solar panelled satellites being able to beam down to earth the levels of energy early predictions indicate, without being hindered by cloud cover or seasonal disruptions would revolutionise the energy market, billing and more.

Whether the business energy bills of the future would be significantly lower or higher to take into account the cost of producing and maintaining the satellites is unknown. It does however shine a beam of hope into what is a rather dim looking set of statistics that currently surround earth bound solar energy production levels. For the time being businesses would be advised to continue with their energy efficiency efforts, looking to cut their usage and search as always for the most competitive tariffs and discounts.

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