Energy Secretary Promises a Quicker Switch of Suppliers

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The government is currently exploring angles to help businesses save on their energy bills. They understand that one sure way to save is to switch energy suppliers. This may not impact on wholesale prices but it does drive competition between the big six and in turn brings offers that may encourage prices to be decreased.

Switching with a compare company like ours is simple, businesses adore how easy it is to transfer to another supplier. Suppliers that want your business make sure they take care of the paperwork so all you have to do is apply online.
Ed Davey the energy secretary isn’t concerned with the ease of switching online, he’s concerned with the time it takes. Online it takes just a few minutes to choose another supplier, yet a business won’t enjoy the benefits from their new energy company until an average of five weeks later.

Ed Davey believes that once an individual or business has decided to save money by switching, they should benefit from the switch almost immediately. He believes energy companies have made this process lengthy on purpose and sees no reason why switches can’t be completed within 24 hours.

Along with this he believes more should be done to help those that aren’t “internet savvy”.
Currently only those with access to the internet and those that know how to navigate compare sites are benefitting from the best deals. This of course is quite ironic as those that need to save the most don’t have the funds for the internet (such as the unemployed) or the technical knowhow (such as pensioners).

He declares that in banking it takes only five days to switch accounts and fears many utility companies are making it difficult in order to rake in the money for longer from their customers. He’s taking a different stance to others on ways to drive prices down as recently David Cameron focused on the green levy charges that amounted to 9%.

Energy companies claim that wholesale prices account for most of the increase, yet Ed Davey believes that they have control over lowering prices but are not doing anything about it. He also wants to pass a law where energy companies are prosecuted for deliberately manipulating legislations that have been introduced to save customers money.
Right now, it may take an average of 5 weeks to switch but that didn’t stop Ed Davey himself saving £240 on his own energy bill. See how much you could save for your business today.

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