4 Lesser known Solar Power Batteries that you should know about

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Orison is a new company, one that’s offering quite a simple solution to solar storage. Their battery unit is small and elegant in design, it looks just like a lamp so you can basically put it anywhere. The plus side to this battery is that you can self-install it, there’s no need to pay anyone to do it for you. The downside is it holds comparatively less energy than most of the other batteries on the market, at 2.2kWh. However, the plug and play capability is a massive advantage over most of the higher capacity options. The current price is the equivalent of £1127.79, retailing at $1,600 dollars in the US.


Sunverge offers a range of options in terms of capacity. The options start at 6 kWh and go up to 23 kWh unlike some of the other batteries available, where you have to add on multiple batteries to get your desired capacity, you can just purchase the option with the capacity you require which means this unit could be particularly applicable to a business setting. The company also offers a really useful app alongside their units to monitor energy storage and grid price, however, this is sold separately. The unit can cost anything from £5638.97 to £14,097.41 (converted from dollars) depending on the capacity. The drawback with this option is the set up, you have to get a Sunverge engineer to install it. As they are based in America it could make for a very pricey install!



Panasonic have developed an ‘at-home’ battery that can store up to 8kWh of energy. There is no price available at this point, but the unit will be available in Australia, then there are plans to introduce the unit to Europe. The relatively small unit, 1380mm tall by 966mm wide, is being marketed on its ability to maximise the usage of the solar energy for the home and provide a backup if power goes down. The unit works alongside a network adapter, meaning you can monitor and control demands.



Mercedes have introduced a stackable battery unit into the German market, but soon the technology will be rolled out internationally. The unit stores a small 2.5kWh, however, much like the Tesla Powerwall, it is stackable so you can link it with multiple batteries to create larger storage capacity; the maximum is 20 kWh. The unit inspired by electric automobile technology also has an app to monitor the batteries performance.
The unit costs over £6000, for such small capacity this seems like a lot, but it does include installation price. When compared to the rest of the options that include installation it is not particularly expensive.


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