4 Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills Today

By : Chris Tipping |November 10, 2014 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Last month Ofgem reported a jaw dropping increase in the amount of complaints received about energy companies. The majority were due to the cost of utility bills and most people deem energy prices to be too high. Unfortunately a lot of the costs are out of the energy provider’s control, especially when there’s global unrest and government initiatives to pay for but you can cut your energy costs considerably using these four tips.

Turn it Off

Some believe that powering up a device uses as much energy as it does just leaving it on standby over lunch or overnight. It doesn’t. It’s cheaper to turn it off. Save even more by getting staff involved.

Turn it Down

Just lowering the heating by 1 degree can give you incredible savings. Lower it more and ask staff to wear a vest under their work suits if need be!

Change the Light Bulbs

You already know that changing the light bulbs to energy saving spirals saves you money but have you looked into the savings you could make switching to LED?

Manage from the Bull Pen

Michael Bloomberg made the bullpen popular as he tore down office walls to bring everyone together, putting himself in the centre of all his staff. This doesn’t work for everyone but it could cut energy bills considerably without many separate offices to power.

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