SSE Launches New Free EV Tariff

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SSE Energy Services recently announced a new beneficial tariff for electric vehicle owners. The new tariff provides up to 2,000 kWh of free electricity annually when they charge their car overnight at home.

SSE is the UK’s third-largest energy provider with approximately 5.7 million customers throughout the country. The ‘Big Six’ supplier estimates their One Year Fix and Drive tariff will provide around 8,000 free miles per year. An additional benefit is that all electricity derived from the tariff will be matched with 100% renewable electricity.

The energy provider says that both new and existing customers can use the tariff. To demonstrate their faith in the benefits of their tariff, there will also be no exit fee.

Electric Car Usage to Become More Convenient

The Managing Director of SSE Energy Services, Stephen Forbes, said of the new tariff:

“We know that the majority of EV [electric vehicle] owners charge their car at home as this is the easiest way to keep their battery topped up. Here at SSE, we want to make using electric cars even more convenient, which is why our new One Year Fix and Drive tariff allows customers to charge their car at home overnight for free.”

Mr Forbes also expressed hope the tariff will help electric vehicle owners reduce their carbon footprint as well as bills.

UK Pioneering Residential Electric Vehicle Charge Points

SSE’s announcement comes after the Government said charge points for electric vehicles will be built on every new UK home. The only caveat is that the new homes must have their own car parking space for the charge point installation. In addition, the Government says all new office premises featuring adjoined car parking spaces will also have charge points installed.

The idea behind the charge point installations is to make charging easier, cheaper and more convenient for electric vehicle owners. Once official, the UK will become the first country to introduce legislation covering this kind of charge point installation.

Until then, the Government offers the OLEV grant of £500 towards the installing a charge point at a residential property. This reduces the cost of installing the charge point to just under £280. Government officials claim the current grant system has enabled over 100,000 domestic charge points to be installed.

Electric Vehicle Owners to Make Huge Savings

The cost of driving an electric car is somewhere in the 2 to 5p per mile range. Compare that to petrol and diesel vehicles which cost approximately 15p per mile to drive. This means electric vehicle owners can save up to £1000 per year.

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