SSE Business Energy Renews Renewable Energy Tariff

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SSE Business Energy has made moves to increase their presence as a renewable energy option. They have achieved this by renewing the verification of their flagship renewable energy tariff.

SSE’s green tariff has been independently analysed and verified by EcoAct, formerly known as Carbon Clear. The verification lasts for twelve months after which the tariff will need to be analysed and verified all over again.

What Renewable Energy Verification Means?

The certification awarded to SSE’s renewable energy tariff means that their energy sources have been examined by an independent organisation. The independent organisation has then been able to confirm that the energy is sourced entirely from wind and hydropower. This is turn demonstrates a significant reduction in the company’s emissions.

The certification awarded by EcoAct is supported by the Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin (GO). The GO also confirms that the electricity claimed to come from renewable sources does actually come from renewable sources.

SSE’s Green Energy Tariff

SSE have been promoting their business-to-business renewable energy tariffs for a long time now. Their Green energy tariff was introduced at the beginning of this year. At that time, the GO association was described as ‘vital’ by SSE’s Head of Marketing for Business Energy, Amber McEwan.

Ms McEwan said,

“Products like SSE Green are important to businesses because it helps them stand out or have an edge. Firstly, it allows them to talk about their sustainability credentials and talk about what they’re doing to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

“And, secondly, we also give customers the credentials to go alongside their SSE Green contract, providing them with a logo and certificate that allows them to differentiate themselves.”

Businesses Attracted by Reporting Zero Emissions

Across many sectors, it is becoming an increasingly attractive marketing strategy for businesses to report zero carbon emissions. While lowering emissions is obviously a good thing by itself, business is still business. And the facts are that modern customers are becoming increasingly concerned with environmental issues. This is evidenced by the growing popularity of green energy suppliers.

The Chief Executive Officer of EcoAct, Mark Chadwick, said of SSE’s renewable energy tariff verification,

“More and more businesses are looking to invest in renewable electricity to report zero emissions.

“To do this, it is essential there is a robust framework in place that gives organisations the confidence that the electricity they are buying is generated by renewable energy sources. Achieving third party verification from us provides this reassurance for SSE Green customers.”

EcoAct and Partners Tackling Climate Change

The independent organisation providing SSE with their renewable energy tariff verification has been operating for over twelve years. EcoAct describe themselves as an ‘international consultancy and project developer, helping businesses and organisations succeed in their climate ambitions’.

They aim to work with companies to identify the best solution for them to conduct operations in environmentally friendly ways. They offer strategy management services as well as expert industry knowledge on issues such as directive compliance and carbon neutrality.

If you want to learn more about the different energy options available for you and your business, including suppliers offering green energy tariffs, then contact Business Save and their team of highly experienced energy experts.


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