Are Screensavers Costing Your Business Billions?

By : Chris Tipping |February 26, 2014 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

When looking to save money on your business energy you may not believe that little things make a big difference. As we talk about saving you thousands, tips to save you a few pounds seem meaningless.

However, in business or in any workplace, simply educating your staff can have a dramatic positive impact on your outgoings. This is highlighted by a recent study the Energy Saving Trust conducted that revealed 45% of people think appliances don’t use any electricity when placed on standby.

This belief is shocking and could save the economy as a whole over 4 billion pounds on energy bills if they switched off instead of choosing standby.

In business hundreds could be saved if employees switched off PCs instead of leaving them with a screensaver bouncing across the monitor. In screensaver mode an average PC uses just as much energy as it would if fully functional and in use.

Standby just isn’t enough. In fact The Consumer Voice reported that a PlayStation 3 left on standby for a year costs a whopping £234 in energy.

Educate the 45%

A single meeting with all employees could be extremely beneficial for any business as there’s no escaping the fact that 45% of the people you work with believe they’re saving energy when they’re not.

Asking employees to turn off electrical items when not in use, such as chargers or PCs will cut your energy bills.

What You Can Do

In the meantime as a business owner, along with switching to the best energy deal it makes sense to explore more cost effective ways to heat and illuminate your premises. LED lighting is now favoured by many as it costs just pennies to run yet doesn’t omit that dull glow associated with many energy saving bulbs. Delivering the same brightness as a halogen bulb they come on in an instant without needing to warm up and their lifespan ensures the minimum maintenance is required.

If you’d like any more advice on how to save money on your business energy bills contact us, we’ll be happy to help.

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