Professional Protestors Could Cost us Our Future

By : Chris Tipping |February 11, 2014 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

As the government champion fracking as a way to source energy for the future, a new generation of NIMBY’s has been born and their opinions could cost us our future.

Currently many areas are being examined for their suitably as fracking sites but protestors and locals are completely against fracking of any sort. The most recent developments focus on West Sussex where landowners are pulling out all the stops to tie energy companies up in legislation hoping they’ll take their fracking elsewhere. With claims of trespassing (despite Fracking going underneath the ground, not across – do we really own all the land beyond the earth’s crust) the government are trying to clarify the law for all while urging these protestors to consider the consequences of creating this legal wall.

If We Don’t Frack Now?

Fracking could provide a much needed solution to the rising cost of energy in the UK while securing supplies of gas for generations to come. If the protestors continue with their blockades, energy prices will continue to rise and other means will be sought to provide energy, probably seeking to import expensive gas from abroad.

The Confusion

The confusion lies in what constitutes as trespass. Landowners miles away from the fracking sites are claiming that the drills which travel underneath their land are trespassing. This exploitation of the law has put a stop to fracking in the South West for the time being at a time when Fracking needs to get underway so we, as an economy, can see the benefits within a decade.

Ministers suggest that these protestors have lost sight of the bigger picture, fighting for climate change without realising that we seriously need to source our own energy in order to stay afloat. As news breaks that the rising costs of fuel is hampering our economic growth, it’s imperative that these protestors understand the consequences of their actions and realise the true implications behind their NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) hobby.

David Cameron has recently revealed that he will be fighting to push through the trespassing laws in favour of the drilling companies as he feels there is no time to waste.

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