Could the New “FoodSave” Scheme Save Your Business Thousands?

By : Chris Tipping |November 27, 2013 |Energy Blog |0 Comment

This week our favourite London Mayor declared that he had a brilliant idea to save businesses in London money on their energy bills. If you’re a London business which is connected to the food industry you could profit by reading on.

For decades we’ve tried as a national to cut food waste. The amount of waste farmers produce as they try to meet stringent regulations of the supermarkets is staggering. Apples must be a perfect orb while bananas (albeit imported) must not have a bend exceeding 45 degrees.

People campaigned for the uglier fruit and vegetables to be available in supermarkets, to allow the customer to make the choice. One supermarket that took up the challenge was Waitrose and installing analytical cameras they monitored consumer behaviour.

They realised that despite the demand for disfigured food their shoppers preferred the prettier fruit, making the endeavour more costly as costs of packaging, fuel, transportation and disposal had to be taken into account.

Still tonnes of food is wasted every day, food that is perfectly safe to eat.

Now Boris has launched his initiative that helps businesses one by one to reduce their food waste. Of course, as food waste is minimised, profits increase. This scheme also concentrates on renewable energy and teaching SMEs on how they can cut their costs. With both entwined Boris expects the businesses to save £360,000 by 2015.

The senior adviser on environment for the mayor has urged as many businesses as possible to get involved. Currently there are 240 who will receive bespoke advice.

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