Why We Need Fracking NOW!

By : Chris Tipping |February 21, 2014 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

As protestors fight against fracking in the UK (some not even native to the country) we look at why Britain needs fracking to start right away.

When the facts are laid bare it seems silly that we’ve not begun fracking on a larger scale as the benefits dramatically outweigh any negative implications. Protestors are concerned about the effects on climate change when this hasn’t been proven, while others think it causes earthquakes when the most that is ever felt is a rumble akin to a lorry passing by.

All this aside, it’s plain to see the benefits of fracking, all we have to do is look across the pond to the US. Since they invested heavily in this way to source gas and oil, their energy prices have dropped considerably.

We have a lot of untapped natural resources in Britain that are full of the energy we need yet unutilised. Despite sitting on this abundance of gas (until drilling starts it’s impossible to predict how much there is) we actually import gas, a process that is deemed to be the most expensive way of supplying energy in the UK.

Basically, it’s the same as owning your own house yet choosing to leave it empty as you rent another for twice the price.

A No Win Situation

The other fact the protestors seem to be ignoring is the pressure placed on the UK government to cut carbon emissions. Coal, which provides 40% of our electricity is an ideal source of energy yet the emissions mean the government are restricted in its uses. Burning more would produce more energy but would also ensure the closure of plants as the UK adheres to its responsibilities.

While we worry about the hefty EU fines by keeping coal power going, Germany have no such fear, even expanding their coal plants as they realise the pros outweigh the cons and a future without energy is no future at all.

Consider Coal

Without the potential of shale, coal would be the sensible investment choice but the fossil fuel that once underpinned our whole nation comes under fire from every angle. If we were to expand coal reserves, mines would be opened again creating the jobs that were lost in the Thatcher era. Thirty years on would people want to be back in the mines, despite the furore at the time? Would the HSE allow them and would the green brigade let them get to work?

Coal mining has an entry point but then goes miles underground, underneath public land. Fracking is the same except fracking doesn’t involve using people to break up the rock as the drills do the work.

Despite this thousands upon thousands of jobs will be created, giving an extra boost to the economy while we could see savings of hundreds of pounds on our energy bills as the US proved with every single American saving $1300 annually since fracking began, a figure that’s expected to rise to a whopping $4000 next year! (Source: Channel 4)

Fracking could quite possibly be the future for the UK.

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