A Look Back at the Energy News in March

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March was a very busy time for energy journalists as the headlines were dominated by gas and electricity news on a daily basis. Let’s look back on the most sensational stories that reached the homes of the public, worrying not only business energy consumers but residential customers too.

1. Fracking Causes Furore – (Read our post)

Fracking hit the headlines again as it was revealed the protestors were flown in from foreign countries and were known across the globe for their professional protests. Some even claimed 15 minutes of fame for a short while which was probably the intention all along. On top of this farmers took frackers to court as they claimed they owned the earth a mile below the surface, bringing exploration into this industry to a halt.

2. Russia and the Ukraine – (Read our post)

Our dependence of sourcing energy from Russia became all too evident when unrest between Russia and the Ukraine put a major pipeline in jeopardy. The UK is now even more determined to become self sufficient, while Putin continues to make the headlines.

3. The Budget

The long anticipated budget was a disappointment for many business energy customers and did little to change current circumstances. It offered little more than the autumn statement yet it did evoke fantastical claims from Labour Leaders.

4. Ed Miliband’s Claim – (Read our post)

Ed Miliband sees an opportunity to win over voters by promising a price freeze if he is elected. What he doesn’t reveal is that this price freeze could actually cost the individual and the economy a lot of money. See our blogs that show why this seemingly beneficial move could damage the energy industry.

5. SSE Freeze Energy Prices

SSE announced that they will freeze prices as they make their rates more transparent. By separating their retail and wholesale businesses they’ll be able to offer fairer prices. SSE are also campaigning for green levy taxes to be removed from the energy bills, a move that could save many hundreds of pounds a year on energy but may push taxes up.

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