Have Gadgets Saved Businesses Money on Energy?

By : Chris Tipping |June 01, 2014 |Energy Blog |0 Comment

Although it’s satisfying to commandeer the “green business” badge there’s no denying that the main motivation to go green is the potential savings that can be made.

Over the years a lot of gimmicks and gadgets have been introduced each one promising a huge reduction in energy bills.

Now, a decade on, we’re in a position to analyse the data and to see if these solutions have really been worth the investment. It’s often the initial investment that puts business off from taking the steps to change, so which ones give the best return? Here are our picks:

LED lighting

LED lighting is different to energy saving light bulbs as it doesn’t have the dull glow, it’s brighter and lighter, much like fluorescent lighting without the energy usage. It does, of course, cost to change commercial lighting to LED but it’s also the easiest way to go green. It’s worth noting that with fluorescent bulbs over 95% of the energy used is heat, only the remaining 5% is generated into light. Clapham Junction recently enjoyed a 40% saving on their energy bills after introducing LED lighting at their station.

Smart monitoring

Smart monitoring is an ideal way to reduce energy bills for a commercial business. You wouldn’t carry out a marketing campaign without measuring its effectiveness or acting on the results, and so energy should be no different.

It can highlight where energy is being wasted allowing you to make changes that have a dramatic impact on your escalating energy bills.

Smart meters, thermostats, and sensors – part of what’s being called “the internet of things” – are

Solar Panels

Although the FiTs (Feed in Tariffs) are not as generous as in previous years, solar panels are still a good investment for the wiser business. They can provide an income while paying for themselves in a few years. Installation and product price has also fallen dramatically and now solar panels can be bought and installed for just a few thousand pounds.

Electric Vans

Although still in their infancy, electric vehicles are saving some inner city companies a lot of money. Not only is there help with buying a vehicle from the government (to the tune of £5000 per van), owners also avoid congestion charges.

Initial investment is actually less than upgrading a fuel powered vehicle and companies can use the green label as part of their advertising.

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