Energy bills set to rise by a third!

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At the end of January 26 fixed priced tariffs from a range of suppliers will automatically revert to standard tariffs and leave you paying up to 30% more for your energy.

To avoid the switch to standard tariff you will need to contact your supplier, giving them a call should sort it out. However, if you don’t act you’ll end up paying considerably more than you would if you shopped around.

4 of the 26 changes to standard tariff will not leave customers paying more, however, they are not fantastic deals either, and you could save a considerable amount if you took the time to shop around or gave us a call to do it for you.

Shopping around is worth it

Advice across the board is to take the time to shop around and compare deals. However, we know that most busy business owners are looking to sort this problem out in as little time as possible. It may seem like it could take an hour to sort it, but with great deals often coming from lesser known suppliers, and great deals for new customers from some of the usual suspects it can really take some time working out what is best for you and your business.

However, Business Save is here to save you that time, and save you money in the process.

If you don’t engage with your energy bill you could end up paying hundreds of pounds more than you need to.

Not New News

The fact that fixed price tariffs are reverting to standard tariffs is not a new thing. It is also the main reason that the Government are looking into energy reform to protect the most vulnerable of energy customers. We have warned consumers before about the dangers of just leaving your energy bill to chance in many of our posts on this blog. A fixed tariff can mostly offer the best deal and reflects the change in wholesale prices much more than the other types of tariffs, however, the majority of fixed tariffs often revert to standard after a certain period of time.

Never pay too much

The way to avoid getting caught out like this is to simply pay attention. Many people get caught out especially if their fixed tariff is a good deal. Once you start paying your bill and it is a good deal you can easily forget to actively manage your energy affairs because there isn’t an issue. These little intricacies of the energy industry are something you get used to after years of experience in the business. Knowing what to look out for is almost an art form. Our experience and expertise can make sure you never pay too much for your energy, so just give us a call and start saving in minutes.

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