Could You Claim a Slice of the £20million Pie from the Government?

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Since 2009 the government has been looking for ways to reduce residential and commercial electricity consumption. They have rolled out many incentives in the hope of spurring users into a new way of thinking surrounding electricity usage.

They believe that if they can cut people’s consumption across the UK by pointing them in the direction of greener solutions, there could be a better future for energy. Setting a very high benchmark, the government recently realised that businesses would be easier to incentivise due to the amount of electricity used and the potential gains.

When a business takes steps to become more energy efficient, they don’t only cut the UK’s power usage as a whole, they also cut their own expenses considerably.

Labelling themselves as a green company, every time a business advertises, it reminds customers that more can be done to cut down on energy usage.

In July, Ed Davey, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary launched the EDR initiative for businesses across the UK. The Electricity Demand Reduction is inviting businesses to apply for funding to cut their electricity usage in high peak times. This could be through investing in alternative energy such as solar, wind or thermal or investing in equipment that reduces the energy consumption such as LED Lighting.

There is £20million in the pot and you are invited to compete for the cash on the website.

Investing in the reduction of energy usage in this way is believed by Ed Davey to reduce the demand for electricity in the future. The initiative launched on the 30 July as an auction, where already supermarkets, hospitals and emergency services have bid for the first £10million that has been made available. Although these are giant companies, there’s no reason why smaller businesses can’t compete for funds.

The government has given an indication of the power they’d expect to be saved by an individual company, they would like to see bids were a reduction of 100KW was implemented during peak winter periods.

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