Business Energy Suppliers

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Business Energy Suppliers

For a lot of British businesses, energy costs account for a significant amount of their annual expenditure. This is why using an energy broker to identify the ideal supplier and tariff for the specific needs of your business remains one of the most effective ways to reduce overheads.

Finding the perfect tariff offered by the supplier with the most competitive rate isn’t the only service that an energy broker can provide though.

Additional Services of Energy Brokers

A skilled and experienced energy broker will also help their clients understand their expenditure. As well as advising them on the best energy supply contract options that are available. They can also ensure businesses are paying the accurate amounts throughout the entirety of their agreed contract as well as offer advice regarding any other contractual obligations and any relevant energy policy legislation which might have an impact on their business.

Another bonus of working with an energy broker is that the energy suppliers are actually working with them too. But by way of competing for the custom of all the businesses that work with the broker. This means that their prices will usually be as competitive as reasonably possible and reflect the current market value.

What Makes a Good Energy Broker

A good energy broker develops longstanding relationships with the major business energy suppliers. We work in partnership with the UK’s best energy suppliers and has access to contacts at the very highest levels. These contacts allow Business Save to understand the supplier’s overall strategy in order to obtain important intelligence regarding market trends.

By keeping in touch with the UK energy market in this way, Business Save are able to receive up-to-date details of any new energy price changes which thus enables them to always provide their customers with the best possible advice.

Business Save are also able to source products and prices that are not always available anywhere else. Providing access to special promotions and campaigns offering highly competitive energy prices. Prices that are not available through other brokers or price comparison websites.

Choose a Business Energy Supplier

There are the Big Six energy suppliers, of course, but also many other smaller or emerging suppliers to consider. Here is a quick rundown of just a few of the suppliers Business Save have a working relationship with:

  • British Gas Business are one of the biggest business energy suppliers in the UK. They are also a leading player in the energy industry.
  • E.ON has a formidable global presence as they are one of the largest power suppliers in the world.
  • Scottish Power Business boasts thousands of small businesses as customers. They are also part of a larger group called Iberdrola which is actually one of the largest energy suppliers in the world.
  • Opus Energy are one of the leading independent energy suppliers and serve over 160,000 businesses nationwide.
  • Corona Energy have a long history in the UK energy industry and are growing along with the greener and cleaner energy demands of the Government.
  • Haven Power are one of the younger business energy suppliers offering electricity with a difference.
  • Gazprom are a fairly new energy supplier although their notable sponsorship of various sporting events such as the 2018 World Cup have ensured they have quickly become one of the largest energy companies in the world.

For a full rundown of all the possible energy suppliers and the available tariffs that would best suit your business needs, get in touch with Business Save’s team of highly experienced energy experts.


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