British Gas: A Company That’s Constantly Evolving

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Business energy customers across the UK have been feeling the pinch of rising prices. Especially in the current economy, protecting profits is vital. And an increasingly number of companies are looking towards the ‘big six’ providers for much-needed relief.

The energy industry regulator, Ofgem, have been pressuring suppliers to ease the financial burden on business users.

In response, there are signs that energy giants, including British Gas, are listening to their customers’ needs.

From SMEs to larger companies, a number of measures and initiatives have been introduced. For example, tariffs are now more transparent. In addition, business gas and electricity providers are also keen to offer advice on energy efficiency.

But what does all this mean in practice?

Making everything simpler

Most, if not all, business energy customers would say they’d expect a hassle-free service as standard. Unfortunately, this hasn’t always been delivered. But now British Gas, amongst others, are outlining their commitment to making everything simpler.

A reduced number of fixed-rate tariffs ranging from 1, 2 and 3-years are straightforward enough. They also provide protection against future price rises. It’s a useful assurance to have given the volatility of the market.

Greater transparency and cutting down on the plethora of tariffs previously available is all well and good. But how else can an energy supplier provide that most cherished quality: peace of mind?

Well, switching is undoubtedly being made easier as is installing new gas or electricity connections. In both cases energy firms are promising a dedicated point of contact will liaise with you directly. Oh, and they’ll handle all of that time-consuming paperwork too.

Regaining the trust and confidence of their business energy users is a key consideration of suppliers. Providing easy to understand tariffs and improved customer service isn’t a bad way to start rebuilding the relationship.

Looking Closely at British Gas

As one of the big six gas and electricity suppliers in the UK, it is estimated that British Gas provides energy to thousands of customers at home and abroad. Like many of the other leading gas and electricity companies, British gas has recently undergone policy changes to make their service better. This is because most of the gas and electricity companies experienced customer migration problems following uproar about increases in the wholesale price of energy. With the guidance and encouragement of energy watchdog OFGEM, British Gas tariffs are now simpler and more efficient, making bills easier to understand.

Customer services at British Gas have also made changes branching out from general assistance and queries to more specialist areas such as energy efficiency and conservation, energy solutions for SMEs and corporate businesses, and biomass energy production. This allows British Gas to make a contribution to the community than just an energy supply, getting involved in environmental projects which will help to keep the planet in good condition for generations to come.

Despite the troubles that the energy sector has faced during the recession, British Gas has remained one of the most popular gas and electricity suppliers in the UK, due to their ability to evolve as a company and respond to customer needs.

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