Big Six Suppliers Using More Renewable Energy

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Big Six Suppliers Using More Renewable Energy

Energy supplier E.ON UK plans to supply over three million customers with 100% renewable electricity. The cost-free green energy switch will be one of the country’s biggest to date.

Meanwhile, both British Gas and SSE have pledged to purge petrol and diesel from their fleets by 2030.

Climate Crisis Concerns Behind Green Energy Switch

E.ON UK have said that their proposed green energy switch is in response to public concerns about the climate crisis. They will supply their 3.3 million customers with 100% renewable electricity as standard with a variety of renewable energy generators. They are already one of the UK’s largest renewable energy generators using wind farms, biomass plants and solar projects.

In addition to the clean energy generation, the company will also seek to increase their portfolio by buying renewable guarantee certificates. The certificates are sold by renewable energy developers to provide transparency to consumers over renewable energy generation claims by suppliers. E.ON UK believe they have already generated enough renewable energy to confidently meet the demand of its customers.

One concern about this green energy switch revolves around the current corporate overhaul the firm is undertaking. E.ON are planning to transfer its renewable energy portfolio to RWE, one of the leading energy companies in Europe. The transfer will be in exchange for RWE’s energy network assets and supply businesses. The deal is not expected to be completed until the end of 2019.

The Chief Executive of E.ON, Michael Lewis, has reassured customers that the green energy switch will not be affected. He said they will continue to receive renewable energy from its UK projects even after the RWE is complete.

Suppliers Pledge Support for Electric Vehicles

Two of the biggest energy suppliers in Britain have announced plans to convert their entire fleet of vehicles to electric. British Gas and SSE say their fleets of vans will become electric over the next ten and a half years. The move puts both companies well ahead of the ban on the sale of new combustion engine vehicles in 2040.

The pledge has been organised by The Climate Group, an international non-profit organisation specialising in clean energy initiatives. The Chief Executive of the group, Helen Clarkson, said: “[British Gas and SSE] are sending a clear message that the direction of travel for transport is electric, inspiring their staff and customers to follow. Every major business must do the same.”

The Climate Group also urged companies to double energy productivity by increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy waste by 2030.

One of SSE’s Directors, Brian McLaren, said the pledges were part of the company’s wider ambition. This ambition includes delivering a low carbon infrastructure in a sustainable way. He added: “Decarbonisation is at the heart of what we do and low-carbon emissions from transport is critical if the UK is to meet its net zero targets.”

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