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Why Use a Broker for Business Gas and Electricity

By : Chris Tipping |August 10, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

An energy broker can’t help you make more sales or attract new customers, but they can help you minimise expenses by finding the best energy deal for your business.

Ensuring you have the best tariff for your business purposes can be very rewarding, but it can also be time-consuming and confusing with so much information out there. That’s why a broker is often your best bet for getting a better energy deal. Here are five specific reasons why using a broker will benefit your business.

Save Money with a Better Energy Deal

Businesses use a lot more energy than domestic households and they often use energy in a certain way or at a certain time (such as bars or restaurants operating mainly in the evening and at weekends), so identifying the business energy tariff that best suits a company’s unique needs is what brokers do best.

Use a Broker to Save Valuable Time

Keeping a business ticking over is incredibly time-consuming and this often leaves those with the authority to choose the best energy deal for their business without the time to actually sit down and figure it all out. A broker does it all for you, by understanding what kind of deal your business requires and using their connections in the energy industry to quickly identify the best deal for your unique business model.

Brokers Have Expert Industry Knowledge

If you own and operate your own business then there’s no doubt you have an understanding of the energy industry already, but energy brokers have deep knowledge of both gas and electricity supply and all the providers who operate in the UK. Whether it is simply explaining the industry jargon in layman’s terms or answering much more complicated questions about the potential deals on offer, an energy broker’s expert knowledge of the industry will be invaluable when it comes to finding the best deal on offer.

 A Broker’s Knowledge is Your Knowledge

Brokers will know about all the different suppliers and the tariffs they offer, which even people who have a good understanding of the UK’s energy sector is unlikely to have. Many folks will look at their options according to what the Big Six suppliers are offering, but there are many smaller suppliers that may be offering much better deals on far more beneficial terms. By seeking out the best supplier through a broker, you are genuinely searching through all the best deals and not just those from the obvious candidates.

After-Care Service

Once the best energy deal for your business has been identified, a good broker’s work is not done. Expect an on-going after-care service to be provided by the very best brokers. At Business Save, your business will receive the full benefit of an expert customer care service for the duration of the new money-saving contract.

In addition to this after-care service, we can provide you with details of other money saving opportunities as well as any relevant services your business might also benefit from.

If you want to learn more about the different energy supplier options and tariffs available for your business, get in touch with Business Save’s team of highly experienced energy experts.


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How Climate Change Act Effects Energy Industry

By : Chris Tipping |August 07, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

The independent organisation which advises the Government on how to develop a low-carbon economy while preparing for climate change has published its latest progress report.

The report published by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is titled ‘Reducing UK Emissions 2018 Progress Report to Parliament’ and states that overall, emissions in the UK are down by 43% compared to the 1990 baseline. The report says that this reduction is primarily because of the excellent progress that has bee made with regard to reducing the emissions from electricity generation.

The CCC also notes that reductions in other sectors have actually stalled during the stated period.


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Half a Million Customers Switch Supplier During May

By : Chris Tipping |July 27, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Figures published last month by Energy UK revealed that nearly half a million customers switched their electricity supplier during May, with small and mid-sized suppliers gaining significant amounts of customers.

The exact total who switched during May is 493,912, which is a 13% increase on the same month last year. The total of customers having made a switch during the first five months of 2018 has now reached 2.3 million, which is approximately a hundred thousand more than at the same stage last year.

According to Energy UK – the trade association for the British energy industry – during the entirety of 2017 a record total of 5.5 million electricity customers switched suppliers. That works out at 1 in 6 customers switching electricity providers last year, with 2018 thus currently on course to break last year’s record.


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A Quarter of UK Households on Unknown Tariffs

By : Chris Tipping |July 20, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Following reports earlier this year that a quarter of UK energy consumers did not know what kind of tariff they were on, the country is still waiting for legislation that could protect up to 11 million people, which was originally due to arrive by the winter of 2018.

The main problem arises when customers’ contracts end and they are automatically rolled onto a standard variable tariff which can be significantly more expensive than the tariff they had agreed on for their original contract. The Government’s Business Department believes the average energy consumer could save up to £300 per year once protections are in place. (more…)

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Tools for Comparing Gas and Electricity Tariffs

By : Chris Tipping |July 11, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Every day, more people discover the savings they can make by switching energy supplier. Whether it is for a domestic household or for a business, the market has rarely been so competitive amongst suppliers. Some of the Big Six suppliers might be hiking prices left, right and centre, but there are so many other options nowadays that you are almost guaranteed to find a better deal somewhere.

Switching supplier is a relatively simple process these days too, with the many online price comparison tools making it easier than ever to identify the ideal tariff for your circumstances.

There are some complex comparison tools, and others that are far more basic but will enable the likes of business customers to establish a benchmark price that they can then use to negotiate with a potential supplier. Others still, such as the Citizens Advice options described and linked further below, will offer additional advice regarding issues such as switching supplier when you are a tenant, or for people who are in debt. (more…)

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Millions of Customers Affected by Latest Energy Price Hikes

By : Chris Tipping |July 06, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Nearly 4.5 million customers are to see big hikes in their energy bills thanks to incoming price rises by two of the Big Six energy suppliers.

All members of the group of energy suppliers that enjoy the largest share of the market in the UK have raised prices recently, with the exception of SSE who have been expected to raise theirs for some time. EON is embarking on its second price hike of the year. Around 2.4 million households are believed to be affected by SSE’s rise, while a further two million will be affected by the rise from E.ON. (more…)

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How Small Businesses Can Cut Energy Costs

By : Chris Tipping |July 03, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Small businesses are just as capable of saving money from switching energy supplier as households are. In many cases, the supplier doesn’t even need to be switched in order to make savings as they will have a better tariff available that better suits the needs of the business looking to switch. The supplier is unlikely to be forthcoming with that better tariff so business owners and managers will have to sniff out the better deals themselves.

One major difference between business tariffs and those available for the domestic sector is the versatility of tariffs available for businesses. While households will need to choose between a fairly standard set of tariffs, businesses can negotiate with energy suppliers to get a bespoke deal that best suits their energy requirements.

There can be especially good savings to make for businesses that haven’t switched supplier for a number of years, as they may well be overpaying on the tariffs they are currently on. First of all though they need to understand what kind of tariff will best suit their own unique circumstances. (more…)

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Big Six Supplier Fined For Sending Inaccurate Customer Statements

By : Chris Tipping |June 30, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

The big six energy supplier SSE will be paying a £1 million fine for sending over a million misleading statements to their customers, including some of the most vulnerable in society.

The fine has been issued by industry regulator Ofgem, who stated that SSE had failed to act promptly to correct the matter, essentially by ‘not identifying the issue at an early stage and by not escalating action to address it or putting in place appropriate remedial actions’. (more…)

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One Million UK Customers See 5.3% Price Hike

By : Chris Tipping |June 18, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Approximately one million customers of energy giant Npower are about to be hit with an average energy bill increase of 5.3%, with the price hike set to kick in from June 17. The price rise is specifically for Npower’s typical dual fuel tariffs, which will see the average annual energy bill increase by £64, with there being no difference between the various payment options (as has sometimes been the case).

The price rise works out at 4.4% for gas and a 6.2% for electricity, resulting in the 5.3% overall average percentage price rise. (more…)

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How to Avoid Paying Exit Fees When Switching Energy Supplier

By : Chris Tipping |June 15, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Many utility providers charge a fee when their customers opt to switch to a different provider. These exit fees can be prohibitive for many people, adding an extra cost to the process of switching energy supplier which they can’t or don’t want to afford.

It is usually fixed contracts which incur an extra charge (sometimes called a termination fee) if the customer wishes to end the contract early, so the best way to avoid such charges is to avoid the kind of contracts that include them. If you are already stuck on a fixed term contract, you will likely have to tough it out and make the switch once the current contract has run its course, though not necessarily.


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