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Why coal-power will never be revived, despite US support

By : Chris Tipping |June 17, 2017 |Energy Blog |0 Comment

In the US, a growing number of people are becoming sceptical about climate change. This has been made all too evident by the support shown for the President’s decision to ‘go it alone’ and move away from the previously favoured Paris Agreement. Many, the President included, believe that the reduction of coal use is an unnecessary interference by government bodies, and takes away a traditional and important industry and way of life which has supported families for generations. As part of his new plans, Trump has issued an executive order, lifting carbon emission limits and allowing an increase in subsidies to coal-fired power plants. (more…)

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The story of a US President and the Paris Agreement.

By : Chris Tipping |June 01, 2017 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

There have been many stories surrounding President Trump and his views on the Energy market and the Paris Agreement since before the beginning of his Presidency. But this week the question  ‘will he, won’t he?’ about whether the US will stay or pull out of the Paris Agreement has been answered.

Those close to the President seemed confident that the decision had already been made that the US will exit the deal, although history also reminds us that this is a man who is apt to change his mind on the flip of a coin. (more…)

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Waste Plastic: Turning a problem into an energy-generating solution

By : Chris Tipping |May 26, 2017 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

We know for certain a couple of things about plastic. Firstly, it is one of the most versatile materials in the modern world. It is used for everything, from packaging for food, car parts, furniture, clothing, insulation, and building. It really would be difficult for us to do without it. Secondly, the reason we use it and cherish it so much: it is cheapness to produce, and easy to recycle, which we are now doing on a grand scale.

But would it surprise you to know that less than half of all used plastic is currently recyclable? There are still a huge amount of variations of plastic which we are unable to recycle or reuse, sometimes due to the make-up of the structure, sometimes because of the amount of contaminants left behind. (more…)

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Street lighting – how energy efficient is it?

By : Chris Tipping |May 15, 2017 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

There are an estimated 6.5 million publicly owned street lights in operation in the UK, each one costing up to £80 per year to operate. So it’s no surprise that local councils across the country are making plans to reduce the costs, both in monetary terms and in environmental impact. In essence, this means that our streets, some of which were made dark in recent years to save on expenses and light pollution, might once again be illuminated. And that is great news for businesses.

Our street lighting holds numerous benefits for businesses, not least from a security perspective. It has been proven that having adequate lighting in urban and business areas reduces crime significantly. Another thing to consider is with many more businesses now operating out of hours, street lighting is essential for the safety of workers entering and leaving company premises. (more…)

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Where does all our energy go?

By : Chris Tipping |May 04, 2017 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

We are constantly being told that over the past years, our usage for both domestic and industrial energy in the UK has increased dramatically, and it is this rise in demand which is responsible for the hikes in our energy bills. But what are the facts? Actually, you’d be surprised.

It would seem a pretty obvious conclusion that industry is the single biggest user of energy in the UK. Would you be surprised if I told you that conclusion was wrong? (more…)

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Are we about to see the end of coal in Europe?

By : Chris Tipping |April 27, 2017 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

An epic 442 years of coal mining in Europe is set to be completely shut down, as a surprise announcement at a press conference in Brussels earlier this month which pledged to end all new building of coal-fired plants by the year 2020.

According to industry experts, unless coal emissions are phased out within the next 15 years, we will not meet the targets for carbon reduction as promised in the Paris Agreement last year. Although coal output is falling by approximately 1% per year overall, it still accounts for a quarter of all energy produced in Europe, and a fifth of its greenhouse gas emissions. (more…)

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Facts show renewable energy is still rising, despite less investment

By : Chris Tipping |April 20, 2017 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Studies show that over the course of 2016, there was a 23% reduction in the total amount of money invested in renewable energy. But far from a loss of faith in the industry, it seems that this drop is largely due to energy capacity generated from these sources being so much higher. New technologies mean that we are now getting far more value for money, as prices of renewables such as solar, wind, biomass and marine sources have plummeted, and a whopping 138.5 GW of energy was produced in 2016, from 127.5 GW in 2015. (more…)

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What leaving the EU means for the UK’s energy sector

By : Chris Tipping |April 11, 2017 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

It’s been a rocky road, but the UK’s Prime Minister has finally triggered article 50 which has started legal proceedings to remove us from the European Union. There is still much debate and uncertainty about what will happen from here on in, one of the most prominent points of interest being how things will work with regards to trading within other European countries and worldwide. It’s a delicate issue, and we really are taking the untrodden path. But what about the energy market? Will our separation from the EU change things? (more…)

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Is it time you switched your business energy supplier, too?

By : Chris Tipping |March 30, 2017 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

30% of households have switched energy supplier this year – isn’t it time you switched your business energy supplier, too?

Ofgem reports show that the figures for domestic energy customers who switched suppliers rose by almost 30% in 2016 – the highest level since 2010.

This is likely not only due to the recent  increases in the price of our energy, but in respect that the process of switching has over time become much simpler and quicker, leading customers to be much more proactive in seeking out better deals on their energy tariffs. (more…)

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Why the savviest businesses are ‘going green’

By : Chris Tipping |March 23, 2017 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

With products to sell, services to deliver, accounts to keep up-to-date, and a whole host of other duties and responsibilities, it’s not difficult to understand why environmental concerns are not always a business’s top priority. However, as eco fears and policies continue to gather momentum, adopting a greener approach to business can have a direct impact on a company’s reputation, credibility and ultimately its bottom line. (more…)

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