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Record Number of Households Switch Energy Supplier

By : Chris Tipping |April 17, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

The recent cold weather has led to a record number of customers switching their energy supplier, says the UK trade body Energy UK. The February cold snap saw energy bills soar for the average customer such as households and small businesses which appears to have prompted a surge in supplier switching activity.

The total amount of customers who switched energy suppliers last month has been rounded out at 660,000, which Energy UK says is a new monthly record. Compared to the same month last year, that is an increase of 60% and means that so far in 2018, the number of people switching energy supplier is equivalent to the entire population of the city of Birmingham, according to Energy UK. (more…)

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Ofgem Bans Back-Billing by Energy Suppliers

By : Chris Tipping |March 28, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

The UK’s energy watchdog will soon be introducing a ban on energy suppliers back-billing customers for energy used over a year before the period being back-billed. Assuming the customer has either provided or been willing to provide meter readings and has otherwise acted in good faith, then their energy supplier will be deemed to be the one at fault and thus the period they can back-bill for has been set at a maximum of twelve months.

Any electricity or gas used prior to that twelve-month period that hasn’t been charged for by the energy supplier will no longer be able to be charged for, unless the customer has actively prevented their meter from being read. The ban will come into force in May and will apply to small businesses as well as domestic customers. (more…)

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How Extreme Weather Affects UK Business Energy Bills

By : Chris Tipping |March 15, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Many businesses in the UK will soon be noticing something of an increase in their energy bills, thanks primarily to the recent severe cold snaps and snow storms which have accosted the entire country. This recent extreme weather has travelled to Britain and other areas from Siberia and has seen temperatures fall much lower than they normally would, even during the peak of a normal UK winter. (more…)

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Saving Energy in the Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Sector

By : Chris Tipping |March 02, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Running a commercial kitchen such as those in restaurants or catering services can be exhausting work with plenty of stress sprinkled on top. Attracting customers while providing them with quality food products is enough to keep even the most experienced restaurateurs on their toes, but it is also worthwhile taking some time to ensure the kitchen is operating as energy efficiently as possible.

Here are five of the best ways to reduce the energy costs of running a commercial kitchen. (more…)

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Save Your Business Money with These Renewable Energy Initiatives

By : Chris Tipping |February 19, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Domestic energy accounts for around a quarter of Britain’s energy consumption demands. The remaining three quarters are eaten up by industry, transport and services, making the business sector is the largest consumer of power in the UK.

In order to meet the target set out by the European Union for a 30% emission reduction by 2020, businesses are being urged to utilise green energy initiatives. Not only does taking steps to create cleaner energy help the UK meet energy targets on climate change and thereby ensuring businesses are regarded as corporately responsible, but it can also help companies save significant amounts of money.

According to a report from Bain & Company titled ‘Hidden Treasure’, switching to renewable power is the most cost-effective way for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. (more…)

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Energy Efficiency in the Office

By : Chris Tipping |January 20, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

One of the best ways to be energy efficient in the office is to ensure the entire staff are on board with the energy saving plans in place. Not only should they be made fully aware of any energy saving strategies, but they should be actively involved in their implementation.

As every member of staff employed by the business will use various amounts of energy to perform their daily tasks, each of them has a role to play in the reduction of energy consumption. Whether it is computers they need, lights or heat, there are plenty of ways to encourage the team members to incorporate energy saving measures into their daily routines.

For example, if one member of staff uses a device (such as a printer) more than others, make them responsible for it being turned off after use to minimise the amount of energy it consumes. They can keep an eye on it throughout the day and ensure it is switched off completely when the working day is done. Similar responsibilities can be handed out to other staff members who can turn unnecessary lights off or ensure any computers not being used are off or at least in energy saving hibernation mode.

With the whole staff being as energy efficient as possible, it is time to focus attention on the more functional aspects of energy efficiency. (more…)

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Energy Industry ‘Must Take Lead on New Policies’

By : Chris Tipping |January 08, 2018 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

Due to the government being too occupied by other issues, the responsibility for developing new policies and regulatory frameworks for the energy industry must come from the energy industry itself.

That is according to the Chief Economist of EY, Mark Gregory, who heads the organisation which prides itself on its commitment to building a better world through confidence in business via better collaboration between those driving the industry as well as a dedication to sustainable growth and the development of talent.

With such as weighty mission statement following him around, Mr Gregory was always likely to propose something innovative when he spoke to news agencies at the recent Energy Live Expo in Westminster. There, he revealed that he believes it is time for the energy industry to take the lead when it comes to policy making, and he was happy to explain why.

Mr Gregory said, “If we can create a framework, it is important to understand what the true cost of energy is and what we should be aspiring to, particularly given our climate change commitments as well.” (more…)

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Energy Price Cap May Not Be Ready for Winter 2018

By : Chris Tipping |December 22, 2017 |Energy, Energy Blog |0 Comment

The government’s Business Secretary has repeatedly refused to confirm that the proposed energy bill price cap that is intended to protect the most vulnerable members of society during the coldest months of the year will actually be ready in time for the winter of 2018-2019.

The price cap could affect around 11 million households, though reports have varied on the actual number, and Business Secretary Greg Clark was repeatedly urged to commit to the price cap’s completion in time for the winter arriving towards the end of 2018. However, Mr Clark would only ‘hope’ that it would be. (more…)

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