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scottish power

Scottish Power have been providing cheap gas and electricity to UK customers for decades. They are renowned for offering the best deals and still compete heavily, keeping a finger on the pulse to adapt to the current climate.

As one of the big six they have an impressive 5.2 million customers, among which are thousands of small businesses.

They are actually part of a larger, global group called Iberdrola which is one of the largest suppliers in the world.

The Business Benefits of Scottish Power

Scottish Power are still committed to providing a great service for business customers. They are constantly introducing new benefits to help with reducing costs and monitoring usage.

They are proud of their plans which offer affordable tariffs for businesses.

Dedicated Helpline

Scottish Power also provide a free energy efficiency helpline. This is so any business owner can always have access to the best energy saving advice.

Online Accounting

Scottish Power allow you to manage your account online, saving time while making the most of modern technology. This is especially useful for businesses as it allows for seamless integration into accounting applications.

Help Beat Cancer

They currently have a fixed price deal where they also donate £10 to Cancer Research when you sign up. Prices promise to stay fixed until 2017.

Scottish Power in the Future

Green Energy Trust

The Green Energy Trust is a charity set up by Scottish Power funded by donations alone.

Its aim is to help renewable projects launch in local communities. To date it has given out over one and a half million pounds to over a hundred projects and shows no sign of slowing down.

Some projects include:

  • Solar energy for community housing
  • Wind turbines for schools

They award on average ten thousand pounds per successful applicant and promise to award more in the future.

If you would like to swap to Scottish Power, call us and we’ll find their best tariff for your business. We’ll also impartially compare all other providers to ensure you get the best prices from all suppliers.

Switching to Scottish Power

If you would like to switch to Scottish Power, call us. Our experienced representatives understand all the tariffs and solutions on offer along with supplying advice on how you can receive cheaper energy. We’ll also compare Scottish Power’s products to those across the industry to make sure you get the best deal for your business.

Contact us now to see if  Scottish Power are the supplier you’ve been looking for.

For advice on your business energy  please call us on 0800 205 5517 or email us


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