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Gazprom are considered to be a fairly new energy supplier as they have been around for less than ten years. Their infancy hasn’t hampered their progress though as they are now one of the largest energy companies in the world.

Like British Gas they began supplying just gas to business customers, eight years ago in 2006. This quickly expanded into providing electricity in 2009 and now, as part of the Gazprom group they offer a range of products for renewable energy solutions alongside carbon management.

They serve both micro businesses and global brands.

Benefits to Business Customers

Gazprom are passionate about providing a great service to business customers, just a few ways they do this is by offering:

A Range of Plans

You can choose from fixed, green or flexible plans. Gazprom also offer custom plans for your business needs. They promise that their plans are always cost effective.

Customer Service

Gazprom care about customer service and are considered to provide the best in the industry.

Simple Pricing Structure

Your bills from Gazprom will be easy to read at a glance as they understand the frustration of having to identify where the money goes.

Gazprom Energy in the Future

Gazprom invest immensely in infrastructure. It’s this savvy way of contributing to societies such as the UK that allows them to confidently boast a reliable service for years to come. Annually they invest billions into global networks, while supporting a wide range of projects with their investments. With ties in the scientific and cultural industry, they are constantly changing and adapting to the current climate, viewing their role in the energy sector as a long term presence that will ensure a better future for the environment.

How to Switch to Gazprom

With tariffs tailored to your needs Gazprom can provide a very cost effective deal. We ensure you enjoy the best prices and tariffs they have to offer. Along with finding you the best deals from Gazprom, we’ll compare against other suppliers to make sure you’re getting the best energy prices across the UK.

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