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As one of the big six in the UK E.ON has a formidable global presence as they are one of the largest power suppliers in the world. As part of the E.ON group, energy for business brings benefits to over half a million businesses in the UK alone.

Due to their size E.ON are often in the news and used as a benchmark for other, smaller energy providers. They are constantly looking at ways in which they can save money for their customers while providing a greener future for all.

Benefits to E.ON Business Customers

E.ON understands business and as such has set up a number of features to allow its business customers to benefit, not just through savings but through good advice. This includes:

The EasyGreen Plan for Business

E.ON have made a bold claim that allows you to contribute towards a greener future too. They promise to match any energy you use with the same from a renewable source, delivering it back to the national grid.

E.ON Business Energy Manager

These plans help you to identify ways in which you can save on your utilities while ensuring you lower your carbon footprint.

Feed In Tariffs (FITS)

If you use solar energy, wind energy or thermal energy for business, you can earn money from the excess you generate.

E.ON Online Accounting

It’s easy to manage bills, readings and usage online.

E.ON and the Future

Behind the scenes E.ON are making huge changes. They’re an integral part of bringing Britain into a future where we’re self-sufficient. This includes the closure of many plants along with investing heavily in alternative, greener methods such as CCS, nuclear, wind, tidal and biomass energy.

How to Switch to E.ON

To switch to E.ON and to benefit from their best prices and tariffs, please give us a call. We’ll not only find the best deal bespoke to your business, we’ll also compare against many other suppliers to ensure you pay the lowest energy prices.

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