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Dong Energy is a leading UK supplier that holds a massive 12% share in the energy industry. They are different as they are constantly investing in renewable energy sources and are renowned for being a leader in offshore wind farm and wind power production.

Starting Small

Dong energy began with just ten employees less than a decade ago. They have grown considerably since as they’ve played an active part in enabling the transition to renewable energy in the UK. To date they have invested over 4 billion pounds into the renewable energy market, mainly focusing on wind farms and the dual solutions that offer the lowest carbon emissions.

Dong Ethos

Dong started with a clear vision, to provide energy, to make a profit and to lower the requirement for carbon based fuels in the future.  Already they are a major player in enabling this greener future and are valued by those who want to be seen as green.

Dong Customer Care

Dong place a high emphasis on their customer care, they are consistently voted the best in this area and their commitment to evolving while providing greener solutions pleases the customer to the core. As a UK based company they have local representatives that give bespoke solutions to a company’s individual needs.

Dong Presence

Dong have the most efficient gas powered stations across the globe. They are now one of the leading suppliers of business gas. They are constantly exploring new ways in which to supply a secure way of providing energy that lowers carbon emissions. One way they have done this is by building a new infrastructure in the West Shetlands that allows exploitation of local gas and oil supplies.

The Future of Dong

Dong insists they will continue to grow, in their own words, “looking for more licences to explore, new wind farms to build, creating new customer products and working in partnership with the UK to deliver their lower carbon, secure energy vision.”

Switching to Dong Energy

If you would like to switch to Dong energy, call us. Our experienced representatives understand all the tariffs and solutions on offer along with supplying advice on how you can receive energy from renewable sources. We’ll also compare Dong’s products to those across the world to make sure you get the best deal for your business.

Contact us now to see if Dong Energy are the supplier you’ve been looking for.

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