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corona energy

Corona Energy are proud to be the leading provider of commercial energy in the UK. They have a long history in the industry and extensive knowledge of the markets while growing alongside the green demands of the government.

They understand completely how to source the best deals and how to deliver consistent quality to businesses in Britain. Flexible with a commitment to customer care it’s easy to see why they beat much of the competition.



Corona Energy are one of the original natural gas suppliers and have provided energy through many controversial eras. Regardless of events they have always succeeded as they’ve kept their finger on the pulse while adapting to suit emerging trends.

Corona Now

Corona have a strong commitment to customer care as they believe that their ability to completely understand a business from the inside is the secret to their success. They continue to deliver an excellent service and are also a partner to the Government Procurement Service.

They are favoured by many in the public sector as they provide reliable resources to many schools and authorities.

The Future

Corona continue to grow daily and are now exploring greener ways to supply energy. They understand the current market and so offer competitive prices that are back up with an attentive customer service. They have already optimised their online presence to ensure ease of account management while they offer you a designated account team for your business.

Corona Energy Features

Corona Energy have many flexible options allowing them to tailor the plans to suit your business needs. Alongside this they also deliver a choice of billing options to give you control over payments. Their Automated Meter Reading service is proving very popular while their investment in green products continues to grow.

Switching to Corona Energy

If you believe your business could benefit from switching to Corona, contact us. We’ll be happy to find the most competitive deal for you while comparing it across the globe to ensure you receive the best price for your business.

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