British Gas Business

british gas business

As one of the biggest business energy suppliers in the UK, British Gas Business have consistently been a leading player in the energy industry, and always part of the big six. They supply business energy not only to large companies but to small start-ups and organisations.

Over the years British Gas have constantly changed and adapted their services in order to compete. Adding electricity, rolling out competitive dual fuel deals and giving fixed priced guarantees on their energy costs.

Although British Gas provides energy for residential customers, British Gas Business is seen as an entirely separate entity that places a laser focus on business gas and electricity alone.

British Gas Business and the Environment

As a leader in the industry British Gas Business takes its responsibility seriously. In recent years they have ensured they contribute significantly to environmental solutions that ensure a greener future for all. One way they have done this is by investing heavily in renewable sources, as their parent owner, Centrica have allocated one and a half billion pounds to renewable energy solutions over the next half a decade.

How to Save with British Gas

Alongside the environmental benefits, British gas Business is also committed to helping its business customers become greener, lowering their carbon footprint while saving money on utility bills. They offer expert advice to all customers and are a respected source of information in the energy industry.

They have also promised to give every business customer a smart meter by 2020 so you can constantly monitor your usage and see where savings can be made. This will also eliminate the estimated readings, so you pay for the exact amount you’ve used to the accuracy of the nearest penny.

The Business Benefits of British Gas

British gas may be one of the oldest suppliers however they’ve stayed at the top by keeping their prices competitive. They are constantly adapting to the market and passionate about delivering a great service.

They have a range of tariffs and always explore ways in which you can save more.

How to Switch to British Gas

If you’d like to switch to British Gas Business, call us. We have in-depth knowledge of every tariff and can ensure you choose the one that saves your business the most money. We’ll also compare the tariff and prices against other energy providers to ensure you get the cheapest gas and electricity.

Call us now to see how much you could save with switching.

For advice on your business energy  please call us on 0800 205 5517 or email us

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