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Business Energy Suppliers

Business Save has developed longstanding relationships with the major business energy suppliers. Because we work in partnership with the UK’s Best Suppliers we have access to contacts at very high levels. This helps us to understand their overall strategy and obtain important intelligence on market trends.

We keep in touch with the energy market

We receive up-to-the-minute details of new energy price releases and product changes which ensures that we always provide our customers with the best advice.

We offer products and prices that may not be available elsewhere

We often work on special promotions and campaigns which allows us to offer unique products and highly competitive energy prices that are not available on comparison websites, or through brokers or other consultants.

As well as the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers, there are plenty of other suppliers to consider. The Big 6 are the most well known, here are a list of a few that we work with:

British Gas Business 0800 652 4040
As one of the biggest business energy suppliers in the UK, British Gas have consistently been a leading player in the energy industry, and always part of the big six.

E.ON 0345 055 0065
As one of the big six in the UK E.ON has a formidable global presence as they are one of the largest power suppliers in the world. As part of the E.ON group, energy for business brings benefits to over half a million businesses in the UK alone.

ScottishPower Business 0800 040 7002
As one of the big six they have an impressive 5.2 million customers, among which are thousands of small businesses.They are actually part of a larger, global group called Iberdrola which is one of the largest suppliers in the world.

Opus Energy 0843 227 2377
As a leading independent energy supplier, Opus Energy has grown considerably over the last few years. Today, over a decade since its launch, it serves over 160,000 businesses nationwide.

Corona Energy 08442 646464
Corona Energy are proud to be the leading provider of commercial energy in the UK. They have a long history in the industry and extensive knowledge of the markets while growing alongside the green demands of the government.

Haven Power 01473 725 943
As one of the younger business energy suppliers, Haven Energy understood that to get a foothold in the market they would have to deliver some pretty outstanding USPs.

They have succeeded in this endeavour and now as they approach their tenth anniversary they proudly claim that they offer electricity with a difference.

Gazprom 0845 873 2294
Gazprom are considered to be a fairly new energy supplier as they have been around for less than ten years. Their infancy hasn’t hampered their progress though as they are now one of the largest energy companies in the world.

Total Energy

Total Energy is a well-known energy company offering both business electricity and business gas to commercial customers around the UK. These customers include a number of different sized corporations as Total Energy’s business department work closely with and continue to support smaller enterprises as well as larger businesses.


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